What Is The Best Location To Install The Outdoor Unit?

What Is The Best Location To Install The Outdoor Unit?

The outdoor unit is recommended to be installed in a secure, dry, and well-ventilated location. Keep your air conditioner’s filters clean and less prone to becoming dirty or obstructed. Ensure that your outside unit is away from trees or a dusty location.

Keeping the unit out of direct sunlight for long periods is also important. Your unit will have to work considerably harder to maintain its internal temperature if exposed to the sun for a long time.

Select The Location Of The Outdoor Unit Based On The Following Factors:

  • Availability of space
  • It is recommended to place outdoor units in a comparatively large space. Ensure the area is clean, dry, and free of debris before installing any outdoor units.
  • Unlike a garage, you cannot place it in an enclosed area. The unit must be placed in an open space for accurate performance and safety.
  • A rigid surface should be used to install the outdoor unit to prevent vibrations. Vibrations of the unit will cause excessive noise and lead to the breaking of copper tubing and refrigerant leakage.
  • Ideally, the outdoor unit (ODU) should be placed where adequate airflow occurs. In general, an outdoor air conditioning unit needs a distance of two feet from all sides to provide proper airflow.
  • Separation of the interior and outdoor units
  • Cables between indoor and outdoor units cannot extend beyond a certain length. The cost will also vary based on the country in which it will be used. Be sure to ask the company about the maximum length.
  • In general, the cooling efficiency decreases with the extension of copper piping between the indoor and outdoor units. The longer the copper pipe, the greater the load on the compressor. Thus shorter copper pipes are preferable.
  • Installing on the roof

Rooftops are the most popular location for outdoor units. They are usually placed at the base of the roof. A metal stand or rubber pads can be placed beneath the outdoor AC unit for stability. 

  • Installing on the sidewall of the building

The outdoor air conditioner unit can’t be installed without a shaft in the building. Then an outside unit is installed on the building’s flanks. As a result, the pipe length is kept to a minimum rather than excessively extended. Remember that the outside unit should not be put too high to be unreachable for maintenance. It may be accessible with a ladder if hung lower on the wall.

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  • Installing in the balcony

Another popular location for placing the outside unit is to put the system on the wall. A mounting bracket is required. For adequate ventilation, some distance from the ceiling must be left.

The advantage of positioning the ODU on the balcony is that it does not receive direct sunlight, putting less strain on the AC. This is the ideal alternative when you wish to utilize AC in a room near a balcony.

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