New Year, New You, New Home

New Year, New You, New Home

Chances are you’re making at least one New Year’s resolution this year, and you’re not alone.  In fact, some experts estimate that almost half of Americans make at least one. [1]  However, recent research from the University of Scranton suggests that just eight percent of people actually accomplish their New Year’s goals. [2]

Whether you’re striving to live healthier, go green or save money in the new year, there are ways your home systems can play a role in achieving your goals.

Follow these tips from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating North NJ® to make simple home improvements that keep you in that elite percent of the resolution-making population who lives up to their New Year’s resolutions.

  • Looking to get healthier in the New Year?  Don’t discount your quality of sleep.  Room temperature can play a role in how well a person sleeps.  While a typical recommendation is to keep the room between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, experts advise to set the temperature at a comfortable level, whatever that means to the sleeper. [3]
  • Trying to save money?  Install a programmable thermostat.  You can set pre-determined temperature levels that help save energy and improve your comfort.  When used properly, this device can help save residents about $150 annually. [4]
  • Want to help save the planet?  Get green by investing in energy-efficient appliances. According to Energy Star, the use of Energy Star products in 2009 reduced the equivalent greenhouse gases of 30 million cars. [5]

Call a One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating North NJ® technician today to learn about our special New Year’s offers and discover more upgrades that could potentially save you achieve your New Year’s resolutions.



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