Locally owned plumbing company serving the greater Phoenix area acquires new business. Brings expanded home services to customers and will benefit the local economy.

When Mike Brewer first started as a plumber almost four decades ago he wanted to create a company that helped people in their time of need. He wanted customers to know their plumbing work was going to be done right, their time and budget would be respected and they would be cared for like family.

For the past ten years, Brewer has independently owned and operated Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® The Punctual Plumber.  He recently acquired another company, now called Brewer One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating North NJ® which will be serving the entire Valley. In addition to complete residential plumbing services, the Brewer family will now offer complete maintenance and repair of residential air conditioning and heating systems. “I wanted to provide our valued customers with complete service. They know and trust us to take care of their plumbing, now we can bring that same level of commitment and care providing comfort and peace of mind with their air conditioning and heating,” said Brewer.

Brewer grew up in Phoenix. He and his wife have six children (including 23-year-old quadruplets.) Three sons now work in the family business. Brewer is on the board of directors of the Homebuilder’s Association of Central Arizona and he holds leadership positions in the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing organization. He works to make the home services industry better for people throughout Arizona. Brewer currently employes more than 200 people in the Valley. As his companies continue to grow, Brewer hopes to add more staff, further helping the local economy.

For more on this growing, locally owned family business please contact:

Michael Brewer
The Brewer Companies
20601 N 19th Ave, Suite 150
Phoenix AZ 85027
(602) 909-9677 direct

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