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3 ways to remove white_12

By |7 May 2021|Categories: 11|

White is one of these colors that seems to be so popular nowadays. I've heard some people today say that they wished that it had been like black or gray. I suppose there are a [...]

Flexible Rock, Drawbacks

By |22 Mar 2021|Categories: stone|

Flexible stone is really a finishing material made on the grounds of sandstone. It is employed in finishing functions on several surfaces, both indoors and outside the building. Its thickness changes up to 3 mm, [...]

Bathroom renovation: where to start

By |22 Mar 2021|Categories: renovation|

The bathroom is a room with specific states: high humidity, humidity differences. That's why making fixes in the restroom, you need to clearly plan the whole working process, to consider the sequence of steps to [...]


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