It’s hard to believe, but summer is almost here. You can finally quit worrying about furnace breakdowns and heating bills – only to shift your attention to your air conditioner instead. You may not have cranked up the AC yet, but there’s no better time to have the unit serviced so you know it’s ready to go as soon as the summer heat sets in.

Keep Your Performance High

Over the course of the year, your air conditioner may have collected dust, leaves and other debris that degrade its performance, or interior parts might have deteriorated. In fact, AC units lose about 5 percent of their efficiency each year if they aren’t properly maintained, according to Sustainable Sources.

Before you perform any service on your air conditioner, make sure you shut off the power, either through your circuit breaker or a special disconnect box next to the unit.

Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

The first thing to do is change out your filters. Once they fill up with dust, they start restricting airflow, which hampers the efficiency of the machine and can circulate dust throughout your home. The exact procedure varies depending on your AC model, so consult your manufacturer’s specifications and follow them to the letter.

Let the Experts Lend a Hand

The main outdoor unit, also known as the condenser, may need cleaning as well. A qualified HVAC technician can remove the panels, clean the unit and ensure all parts are in safe working order. If there are any problems within the sealed refrigeration component, for example, that is definitely not a DIY job. A good technician will:

  • Test all the electrical components of the unit
  • Give the motor a test run
  • Make sure the thermostat is functioning properly
  • Inspect the coils, capacitors, contactors, and other parts
  • Make sure your service technician goes over the work that he or she is performing and provides you with a detailed report for your records.
  • Don’t wait until the mercury is already busting out of the thermometer. Call your trusted HVAC technician today to give your air conditioning a tune-up and ensure that it’s in top form from day one.

Get in touch with local One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating North NJ for more information or to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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