Does An AC Require Service Every Year?

Does An AC Require Service Every Year?

For some homeowners, air conditioning units are simply a comforting device they use during summer heat. However, others consider them a year-round necessity, particularly in humid and tropical climates. In any case, you’ve probably wondered how frequently you should call experts for an AC service in Clifton. Some would say every year. But is that necessary? Well, yes. 

Since your air conditioning device strives hard to keep you cool and relaxed throughout the year, it is better to schedule comprehensive annual maintenance. Scheduling routine upkeep services help ensure there is no internal damage in the machine that might force you to replace it prematurely..

Main Reasons You Must Service Your Air Conditioning Device Yearly:

It Will Assist You in Getting Ahead This Summer

A tune-up in the spring is the ideal time to prepare the air conditioning unit for the summer. Since you probably did not use it all winter, the efficiency of your air conditioning appliance may have suffered. So get started and have the device inspected and serviced in the spring if you want your cooling unit to remain very energy-intensive in the summer. 

This service is comparable to having your car prepped and oiled after a year of inaction. A well-prepared machine is productive and runs smoothly to keep you relaxed. Also, if you live somewhere with a long summer, your air conditioner requires better attention before it can get you through all that heat.

Repairing An Air Conditioner Costs More Than Maintaining It

Let’s return to the car analogy. If you’ve ever had your vehicle fixed after it initially broke down, you know how costly it can be. The same logic applies to an air conditioning device. It is one of those pieces of equipment where, if it breaks, it may be more affordable to replace it.

However, that is the worst-case scenario, and many heating and cooling service professionals recommend having your air conditioning system checked and maintained- regularly to avoid breakdowns.

Your Warranty is Contingent on Regular Maintenance of Your Unit

It’s no secret that several electronic appliances come with a warranty. However, almost every air conditioning unit brands require regular maintenance as part of their warranty. In addition, much leading heating and air conditioner manufacturers explicitly state that they will only provide warranty compensation for part replacements when the device receives regular tune-ups from expert technicians.  

While the policy may appear unnecessary, it guarantees that the unit got adequate care and that the expert technician tried to avoid the breakdown as much as possible. In addition, it’s also necessary to remember that maintenance is less expensive than repairs, and if you fail to leverage the manufacturer’s warranty, you might incur costly repairs.


We can say that routine air conditioning maintenance is imperative to keep your device in good shape and protect your manufacturer’s warranty. If you are planning to get professional maintenance or AC repair in Clifton services, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating technicians are here to serve you.

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