Call For Repairs When Your AC Leaks

Call For Repairs When Your AC Leaks

Although you should have your HVAC unit professionally tuned up every spring and fall, an intelligent homeowner can often complete minor repairs and efficiency improvements through regular maintenance. If you discover an air conditioning leak, take care of it before it becomes a severe problem.

The Following Could Be The Sources Of Air Conditioning Leaks.

  • Improper installation: If the AC has been installed recently and is leaking, the most likely cause is a defective installation. This shows that the AC and drainage pipes aren’t proportionate. Ensure that the pipe is lower than the main unit during the AC installation to prevent backward water flow.
  • Clogged drain pipe: Dirt and debris can clog your air conditioner’s drainage system. Due to this, the condensate will be unable to flow out through the drainage system and will overflow into the primary air conditioning unit. Your air conditioner will start leaking water as a result. 
  • Dirty air filters: Dirty air filters can be caused by the air circulating inside the air conditioning machine. This can obstruct airflow causing the coils’ temperature to dangerously low levels. Ice forms over the coils, dropping excessive water into the drainage pan. The pan can not hold the excess water causing the AC to leak water through the main unit. Clean the air conditioner every month to remove dust and dirt. 
  • Low refrigerant or gas pressure: When refrigerant or AC gas (as it is more often known) leaks, the pressure inside the AC unit drops. The evaporator coils freeze, resulting in a similar water overflow in the drainage pan.
  • Damaged drain pan: If the AC is older, the drain pan that collects the condensate has rusted or damaged. Water will not be collected in this case instead it will leak through the main unit. Call a professional like AC repair near me.

What Can You Possibly Do To Resolve The Issue As A Homeowner?

  • Re-installation: If you discover that the problem results from poor or incorrect air conditioning installation, you should search for AC repair near Mahwah, NJ, and contact a specialist for a thorough inspection and, if necessary, a re-installation.
  • Unclogging a blocked drain pipe: If you encounter a clogged drainage pipe, use a wet or dry pump to remove the clog thoroughly. 
  • Replacement of the drain pan: Replace the drain pan as soon as possible if it is broken or damaged.
  • Clean the air filter: The air filter in your air conditioner should be cleaned regularly. You must remove the AC filter and wash it under running water every brief time, such as a month.

Pro Tip From Professionals 

There’s a chance the leak you’re noticing is near the condenser unit outside your house. The segment of the refrigerant line where it is liquid is called the condenser housing. A refrigerant leak is significantly more dangerous than a ruptured condensate line. Contact an expert for AC repair near me as quickly as possible.

Leaking air conditioners can damage ceilings, walls, and everything else in the vicinity. Turn off the air conditioner at the breaker box and call a professional if you find water under your interior air handler. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating is here to assist you in providing AC repair near Mahwah, NJ. Call us at 201-447-0996 to know more about our services.

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