Avoid Utility Sticker Shock

Avoid Utility Sticker Shock

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, more than 90% of homes are expected to have higher heating bills this winter.

[i]  With ongoing winter storms, heating systems have been working overtime. All that use adds up on the bottom line on your utility bill. Many bills are due near the first of the month. Here is advice from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating North NJ® to get the most of your heating system and save some money:

  • Leave the fan switch on your thermostat set to “auto.” Setting the fan to “on” will cause extra hours of run time on the motor. That can add dollars to your bill.
  • Seal up leaks around your home: A tube of caulk is cheaper than extra use on your utility bill.
  • According to U.S. Department of Energy: The lower the interior temperature, the slower the heat loss. Set your thermostat to 68°F while you are at home.  Turning your thermostat back when you are away from home by 10° to 15° for 8-hour periods, can save 5% to 15% a year on your heating bill. [ii] Our best advice – use a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature automatically based on the time of the day.  Newer units allow you to control your thermostat from your smartphone.
  • If your water heater is in a garage or breezeway, invest in a water heater blanket.  If you have a gas water heater be sure to leave room for combustion air at the bottom and clearance around the top flu vent.
  • Clean or replace furnace filters monthly or as required by your system’s manufacturer: Your furnace works harder to heat through a clogged filter.
  • Have your furnace or heating system tuned up: The technician will test the safety, and efficiency, adjust the air and fuel flow, inspect the fan, and clean the unit.
  • Be sure air registers aren’t blocked by furniture or draperies.

For more on how to get the most out of your HVAC system contact your local One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating North NJ location.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating North NJ® is currently ranked by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top 500 franchise companies (#150) and named #1 Franchise in the HVAC services category (2014.)  At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating North NJ, respecting our customers’ time is our #1 priority. With an emphasis on customer service, courtesy, and appreciation, every job performed by One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating North NJ is completed in a prompt, accurate, and efficient manner. With hundreds of franchises all over the country, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating North NJ has solidified its nationwide reputation as a trusted HVAC company that values its clients and consistently exceeds expectations.

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